Why Do I Need Byword When I Already Have Evernote?

February 1, 2013 — 5 Comments

So this is a bonus post today. Not really a bonus for you, more for me unless you are a Byword fanboy who loves to promote the software.


I’ve read several blogs lately (one, two, three) that reference Byword. Now that I am doing a lot more writing, I’m wondering if this is something I need. I currently do all of my writing in Evernote. I don’t really format my text as that is handled on my website using CSS. The little formatting I do is done with HTML when I create a link, use italics, a list, etc.

In other words, for writing projects, I’m already using Evernote as a straight text editor. I have the desktop software, the apps for my iPhone and iPad, and at work I use the browser version (since I don’t want my stuff synced to my work laptop). With Evernote, I have ready access to my resources files and things I’ve clipped from the web or emailed into Evernote. That seems like more of a reason why I wouldn’t want something like Byword.

However, I understand that it is hugely popluar among a number of writers I follow and respect, so I’m curious as to what I may be missing. I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment below or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks in advance.

Why Do I Need Byword When I Already Have Evernote?

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  • fabiofortkamp

    I use Byword on my iPad. I like it because of two reasons:

    * It’s much more responsive than Evernote. I like to use Evernote for pdfs, images, clippings, but I think it’s too bloated for work with just text.
    * It’s distraction-free, so it’s just you and the words. Evernote’s interface is not that cluttered, but I like complete focus

    • http://davidchristian.co/ David Christian

      Interesting. I think I may be more inclined to use it once I switch to a Mac. then I could use it on my desktop as well. I have been reading about how it handle Markdown. I am mostly unfmiliar with that. I plan to check into it to see how that would benefit me. Perhaps then I will see more use for Byword.

      I wish there was a way to preview it for a day or two so I could at least see how it works and what it looks like. I keep reference materials in Evernote for my writing, and I like being able to switch over to those notes when i am writing. This doesn’t seem possible in Byword.

  • http://www.kayemarketingstudio.com/ Julie Ann Kaye

    OK, finally gave Evernote a try and OMG, can’t believe it. Curious to find out your thoughts on Byword, but can’t try everything at once.

    • http://davidchristian.co/ David Christian

      I tried Evernote, then gave up. It was only after Michael Hyatt started posting about it that I tried it again. Once I got t setup like I wanted I was hooked. Now I do almost everything in EN.

      I’m not sure if I’m going to try Byword. At this point I haven’t found a reason for it. I am give it a shot once my laptop dies and I switch to a MacBook.

      • http://www.kayemarketingstudio.com/ Julie Ann Kaye

        I’m a total MAC fan, maybe one of a few who never owned a PC, not EVER!