Saturday Stuffs: January 19, 2013

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I am way late getting this together today. I have been working a conference this week, so other things (writing) have had to take a back seat. Hopefully a good night of sleep will get me back into the game tomorrow. I hope you all had a great week.

Photo by Peter G Trimming on Flickr

Photo by Peter G Trimming on Flickr

This article on writing sparked a dozen ideas. This is why I like to read with my noteboook handy.

The first half dozen uses that came to mind for this device were all sinister.

Adorable Letters from Famous Authors to Their Children

Delta’s New iPad App Shows Off The World Below Your Plane

Courage Is Not the Absence of Fear

It may be forever before I get a chance to read it, but this seem like an interesting book. And it’s FREE.

Have Windows 8 and miss the start button? Here is how to get it back.

How to Create a New Word

The Bible’s Sweeping Promises About Prayer.

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