Saturday Share: December 15, 2012

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Each Saturday I’ll post links I’ve collected throughout the week. Most will be related to this site’s theme, but others may be things I find interesting, fun, or just plain silly. There are many topics I’d like to cover on this site, but I simply don’t have the time for everything. And why recreate things that others have already covered so well?

Photo by C!...'s on Flickr

Photo by C!…’s on Flickr

How Social Media is Destroying Productivity [Infographic]

This is similar to something I wrote back in July. Michael Hyatt also makes some great points and gives advice on how you can become a morning person

Stay Motivated and Productive By Going Into Energy Saver Mode

I cannot tell you how happy this made me this week! Native Google Maps for iPhone Released

Without a Clear Goal, It is Easy To Be Distracted

10 Steps I Take to Begin Every Weekend

Facebook Interns Probably Make More MoneyThan You

WHY did this take SO long? New Law Prohibits Loud Commercials

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